Love Your Basement Space

Love Your Basement Space

Customize your living area with basement remodeling services in Loveland, CO

Your basement shouldn't be just empty space, especially not when there are so many creative things you can do with it. When you hire Baker Design and Construction for basement remodeling services in Loveland, CO, we'll transform your space completely. A full basement remodel can give you a den, office, game room, guest suite or nearly anything else you can imagine.

Don't settle for bare concrete and unused space. Contact us today to begin transforming your basement into a comfortable living area.

Redesign your basement from the ground up

Getting a full basement remodel can sometimes be difficult and stressful. Not so when you work with us. We provide comprehensive basement remodeling services, which means we can act as your single point of contact to simplify the process. Rely on us to:

  • Draw up blueprints
  • Construct walls
  • Paint walls/ceilings
  • Lay flooring
  • Provide plumbing services
  • Connect electricity
  • Install a wet bar

If you want it in your basement, it's very likely we can build it for you. Call today for a free estimate on the services you need.